Summer Blues catamaran tours

Maximum capacity is 76 guests. There is dedicated seating for every guest + large additional space near the net area.

The last weather prediction happens just before the check-in when our captain will make a final decide to modify or cancel the trip for the date if needed. We advise guests to come to the check-in (if not notified earlier about any changes). In case of the cancellation, Summer Blues will refund the guests the full amount or offer next available date.

Yes, however we can not hold the seats for your group until the check-in on departure date. Cash payments are possible in our office (08:00-16:00). Our office address is: Tončićeva 4, Split

We did have infants on board as the whole seating area is covered by bimini top and therefore protecting from the sun. However, trip is quite a long day on the sea with plenty of other guests on board, so it is up to guests to decide for themselves.  

No, pets are not allowed on the catamaran.

We recommend to bring enough sun protection cream or similar products as you will be exposed to the sun during the day. As well, make sure to bring swim suit, light clothes and potential light jacket, especially if you are coming in preseason or postseason.

Summer Blues does not allow for groups larger than 10 people to book the individual tour. The reason is that larger groups are too dominating on the trip which is shared with couples and smaller groups of friends. 

Summer Blues has strict no-drunk policy on board due to the safety regulations and quality experience for other guests. Therefore, we remain the right to stop serving alcohol to any guest who exceeds the consumation and/or shows any signs of severe drinking.

It means the tour includes food menu and unlimited offer of drinks on board included in the ticket price. Although there is no limitation in terms of the drinks on the boat, however beware of the alcohol policy below.

Private charter

We have a high quality Bose sound system on board easily playable by Bluetooth connection. Summer Blues has a very large selection of playlists, however you can also connect your phone and your own music if you like to. It is also a possibility to hire a DJ.

Yes, however in this case Summer Blues will charge corkage fee of 500 Eur for the service on board.

Yes, however we will have to still respect the port rules as mentioned above. For example, it means that our trip will have to end in Hvar cca 16:30 as it takes 2.5 h to come back to Split.

Due to our boat licences and port restrictions, catamaran needs to come back by the sunset. For the most season it is up to 19:00, and any trip can not be longer than max 10 hours.

Due to our speed the most popular island destinations in the vicinity are: Hvar, Brač island, Šolta, Blue Lagoon. Please have look at our suggested itineraries

Maximum capacity is 80 guests. There is dedicated seating for every guest + additional space near the net area.