Summer Blues 2023 – Eco friendly & sustainable boat

Summer Blues 2023 – Eco friendly & sustainable boat

Summer Blues catamaran has been operating for more than a decade, providing the excellent service and experience to over 80.000 guests staying in Split and surroundings – therefore we can truly state that we are one of the most recognizable and the most successful tour operators in this region, if not whole Croatia.

Therefore, we believe that we have the responsibility to imply best possible practices to be as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible – to be a leading example in nautical tourism in the area. We have defined precise goals we want to achieve in the next season:

Cleaning products

We have signed the contract with NatureSafe company that have local production of eco-friendly products with zero waste packaging.

Cleaning products are made of very efficient natural Hocl which is completely safe for the environment and there is absolutely no alcohol contained in their products. On the other hand, their mission is to strive to create a cleaning solution without any waste disposal. The way they approach this solution that permanent bottles are used and the only thing we refill are products in degradable bags.

Summer Blues 2023 – Eco friendly & sustainable boat


Our all-inclusive offer on the boat raises the issue of waste of single-use glasses and serving the food & drinks in a most sustainable way. Use of glass material and other hospitality standards are unfortunately not possible for a boat because of the safety and many factors. Therefore, we have tried and experimented with the best possible disposable packaging and unfortunately found out the hard way that there is simply no single-use material that is sustainable on one hand but provides the quality and functionable on the other.

Our commitment for the next season is to encourage guests to use reusable polycarbonate cups. Of course, this will result in increased costs so we will charge either minimum price guest will pay for the reusable cup, however cup will be designed in a way that it creates a nice Summer Blues souvenir guest can take home with them as a memory. The alternative provided on the boat will be cardboard cups to minimize the plastic waste.

Summer Blues 2023 – Eco friendly & sustainable boat 2